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2015 Jeep GC Ecodiesel 4x4
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Hey guys! I've had my GC for a little over a year and have loved it for the most part. The recalls get a little old, but the AFM extended warranty sure is nice! So I drove up to Wisconsin last weekend to visit a friend and got the best fuel mileage I've gotten since I've had the Jeep (averaged over 33mpg @ 65mph!) Then when I went to leave Monday morning it just cranked but wouldn't start. Of course.

So I had to trailer it back to Indy since everything is booked out so far and the dealership finally called me back this morning with the verdict: a double fuel pump failure. They then said that wasn't covered under the AFM and that I'd be responsible for the repairs. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts and see if anyone has had a similar experience?

I could be misinterpreting the AFM, but it says it covers the low pressure fuel pump module & level unit, and the high pressure injection pump & regulator unit. Would that not be the two fuel pumps?

Thanks in advance!
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