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I'm new here but bought a 2015 wk2 3 months ago with 43000 on it and never put def fuild in it. Put maybe 1000 miles on it and went with HD diesel supply out CA they are the best to work with very informative and there products are great love them guys. I so far have done a complete removal of everything egr stage 2 tube I made myself. But other than that flo pro delete pipe, egr plates, full tune with high ideal and engine brake, remove all sensors injectors, def tank, pulled intake and cleaned the piss out of it with oven cleaner(worked for me) heard the def actually cleans them well also. Just put in catch can with a 12an inlet fitting to filter to atmosphere. No more exhaust and oil make a sludge factory in my intake. Also put delete pipe back 2.5" ss exhaust off ebay looked just like afe for less than half the price (no mufflers or resonators straight flow from turbo out sounds great) just ordered cxracing intercooler kit after having ripp on order for 4 weeks at 1200 canceled order and went with cxracing again looks the same for less than half the price. (Go straight to website and its 519 not 719 on eBay but 59 shipping) and its will be on my door step 4 days later. Tomorrow actually can't wait to pull the whole front end off to install...note lol anyway has anyone found a aluminum radiator for these rigs again 2015 wk2 ecodiesel. And I'm getting 28 mpg on country roads with foot in it 90 percent of the time.
For more information on exhaust system please visit the website here www.jeepzine.com/best-exhaust-system-for-dodge-ram-1500-hemi-review/
Once you have removed the original DPF, a replacement pipe is installed to replace the gap in the exhaust system. A diesel tuner is also needed to ensure that the sensors controlling your truck's DPF regeneration cycle are unaffected by the delete, and these are usually supplied as part of the DPF delete kit.
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