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Ecodiesel went boom @ 5999 Miles...

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So sold my wife on diesels never break. Her 2014 GC ecodiesel made it to 5999 an the motor grenades. So now I have a $50k+ Suv been in shop for 3 weeks waiting on a new motor. Chrysler won't do anything but put in a new motor. I asked about depreciation or a better warranty. No an NO. So now I have to start the buy back HASSLE.... any others ??? An was in shop 3 time for check engine light within 5k miles... Pissed in Texas!!
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Did it have any issues prior to that? Where are you in Texas? I have not had good service from the dealerships in Houston.
Had first check engine light at 2400 miles. Then 3200 an again at 4k miles. All those were def problems. Then again at 5990 we were on way to dealership for 4th time in under 6k miles an it came apart.. got off road turned off. Iam near Beaumont Texas.
I have had all of the def problems the others have mentioned as well. It wouldn't regenerate and went in to limp mode in October. I had to be towed in and they had it for 3 weeks. That time they said it was just a filter. the light has been back on and I took it to a different dealership last week. They replaced all the injector and the converter in a day, but wouldn't explain the issues. I have driven at least 250 miles since and it seems fine so far. I also got rear-ended last summer and a third dealership couldn't match the paint. They had it for over six weeks and it still isn't fixed correctly. Jeep service as a whole has been a nightmare and extremely disappointing. But despite all of that, I still love the car. Good luck getting your issues resolved.
Just got the call from chrysler they will not buy it back. Only offered to give me a 7yr 100k warranty starts back to purchase date. So they are giving me a 6 year warranty that I have allready paid for a 6 yr warranty an will lose 20% or purchase price.. Lawyer time in Texas
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