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Problem with my2016 Overland.

Starting at 66,000 miles under certain circumstances, the thing would shudder and shake like the engine/transmission was going to fall out! I took it to the dealer, and after having it for two days, they said they couldn't duplicate the problem and couldn't find anything wrong.

I am now at about 77,000 miles with the problem getting worse. I took it to a different dealer. They were able to duplicate the issue and determined that the symptoms exactly matched those in TSB 09-004-17 for the 2014 models - SYMPTOM/CONDITION: A small number of customers may experience a slight engine shudder while driving. They may state that the condition feels and sounds like driving over rumble strips. It may also be perceived as an internal transmission issue or engine misfire. No Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) will set as a result of this condition. DISCUSSION: Valve stem seals on replacement head are designed to prevent excessive carbon build up from light load drive cycles. Although it may be hard to reproduce, engine shudder resulting from these excess carbon deposits, will typically only happen under the following driving conditions: • Steady speeds between 50 and 70 mph (80 and 113 kph). • Engine speed between 1,600 - 2,000 RPM. • Present during engine warm up to operating temperature after a cold soak. • Only present for a few seconds at a time and often during a 6-7 upshift. • Light load acceleration or while driving up a slight grade. • Symptom will go away either by aggressively applying the accelerator pedal or going into a zero throttle deceleration.

Mine is worse in that the shuddering can happen at lower speeds (as low as 37 mph), in lower gears (3-7), and is much more dramatic that "driving over rumble strips."

Has anyone else experienced this or similar problems with 2015 or later models?
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