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I was driving the other day (2015 Jeep GC Diesel Summit) and the regen message came on. After only a few minutes, I got the filter full message and the car went into limp mode. Had car towed to dealer.

Car has 69,000 miles on it and a 100,000 mile Zurich warranty. (Engine only has 25,000 miles due to poor quality manufacturing and sudden seizure).

Dealer says that the manual regen is about $150 but there could be more damage (thousands) but he won't know until regen complete. Claims that if I get recall V08 (EcoDiesel settlement) done that it's all covered. Zurich won't cover with open recall item.

I was not going to get this recall done based on all of the negative feedback on various forums. Ended up getting it done because didn't want to roll dice on big bill. Now submitting paperwork to get $3k.

I do have to say that so far, there is little noticeable difference in the way the car handles. Too early to tell on mileage but does look a few MPG less on the OBC. Towing boat in a few weeks so this will be the big test.

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