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Exhaust filter vs diesel recall & towing

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2016 Jeep GC overland/ high Altitude. 68k and am now, I believe since the diesel recall reprogram, having issue s with the filter. Whenever I tow (we tow a 4500 lb travel trailer), the next time I drive the vehicle I will Get the dreaded filter regenerating then sometimes filter full. Once had to go to the dealer as it hit full. Could this be related to the reprogramming that occurred as the recall? Anyone else experience the same thing. Why, now am I getting this whenever I tow? I can tow for a 4 hour highway drive and then the next day have to go joyride on the expressway only to regenerate. This never happened previous to the recall. Or is it a mileage issue?
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Do you have the second update applied to the jeep? I have been getting that message alot since the second update. Not sure if the second update has caused this, but something I have noticed
I have not done the second reprogram. My understanding is that was for the terrible hesitation the first reprogramming caused when the engine is cold. I have reported it to customer service and am ”working” with them on solution. If there are other owners having this issue please chime in to customer service.
if it is part of the diesel recall reprogram then they should cover the cost.
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