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Exhaust Filter

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I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. Yesterday I got a message saying “exhaust filter near full, safely drive at highway speeds to remedy” and my check engine light came on. So I took her out tonight and drove back on forth down the highway for a good hour at 70mph. I parked, Ran in the store and when I restarted it, it said “exhaust filter 100% full. Service required. See dealer.” It also flashed, “service electronic throttle control.” When I was driving home, it seemed to be revving really high before getting into the next gear and wouldn’t gain speed. WHAT in the WORLD is happening??
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Just head to the dealer & do a forced regeneration, you're in limp mode now.
I would make it a habit to drive 60+ at least month to avoid that. Usually when it says its nearly full, its too late. I've had it happen three times before I cut it all out.
I've seen the exhaust filter nearing full message I don't know how many times now in my '14 GC - I've never ever had it not work the way it is supposed to. It depends a bit on where I get my diesel fuel - some fuel triggers the message more than others.
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