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So I am tired of all the DPF, DEF, emissions crap issues I've had and am looking to delete them. Figured if I'm doing that I might as well do other stuff also. I was thinking of going with a 3 inch exhaust setup but I know Flo Pro doesn't ship to the US anymore. Does anyone know of a good turbo back kit from anywhere? I plan to get the Banks monster exhaust to finish the exhaust. Along with the exhaust I'm looking at doing an intake and turbo muffler delete. I have looked at the RIPPMods and CB Engineering Intercooler kits and was thinking of one of those. Anyone have any recommendations on either of those or a different brand?

I plan to EGR delete also and get a tune. That brings up my next question. I was going to go with HD diesel in Canada but they are no more from what I'm reading. PPEI and GDE can't do a delete tune anymore. MRTuning and SofaKing are options but not sure on them. Any recommendations on a good one to go with or a shop in Ohio to have a custom tune done?

Any help is appreciated.
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