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Hi all
First time posting here. I am one of the owners involved in the class action lawsuit regarding FCAs diesel emissions cheat. Back in March, I had been informed from the law firm that it oughtta be wrapping up sometime this summer.
Out of the blue today, a man called from the dealership i purchased the vehicle from (3 yrs ago) just to ask if "the vehicle is doing ok and if i still like it." He also said I was "chosen" for a special reward and that they wanted to offer me $500 off purchase of new vehicle. I thought it was odd and instantly suspected it had something to do with this lawsuit. I politely declined their shitty offer and told them to have a good day.
It is my assumption that the dealerships are trying to get as many of these vehicles back as they can-- as the lawsuit is now in the process of certifying the class in order to settle.

Anybody out there experiencing this? Or know how any if this works with buybacks,etc??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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