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So for three years I have gotten nowhere with this through my dealer. My Grand Cherokee has, on at least 25 occasions, had the auto brake system engage on the highway with no vehicles in my lane and in the city with no vehicles any where close to being a collision hazard. I'm talking like over 200 feet away at 25 MPH. The dealer can't find a problem nor is there any history of others having a problem (they say). Well, November Car and Driver hints that there is a problem and input is needed from all affected to push Jeep for a solution. If you have EVER had this happen to you when there was no danger in front of you, I urge you to make a 3 minute fill in the blank report to the DOT NHTSA website. Have your VIN handy.
File a Vehicle Safety Complaint | Safercar.gov | NHTSA

When the NHTSA is aware more Grand Cherokees have this problem they will initiate a recall solution. Jeep will then have to admit there is a problem and find a solution, ONLY then. These events are not mere "annoyances" as it is now considered. When it happens on the highway, wet or dry with someone behind you at close distance there can be very bad results.

Excerpt is from November 2018 Car and Driver issue.

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