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2k8 GC 2k14 GC or 2k15 GC diesel?

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Hello all, new here. Have a 2k6 jeep liberty CRD.

Can't decide if I should try and get a 08 grand Cherokee or 14-15...

Maybe you all could help out!

I'd like to be able to probably just own a 08... That would be nice...

But made the mistake of taking a look at the new ones and oh man... It's swooning me to say the least.
WOW! Hate the rear end... and the front is kinda boring....*shrug* I like took of the older jeeps and the wraglers and such... What ever, its *new* car thing all makers seem to be obsessed with.
BUT HOLY MOON ROOF! Some of those interior packages! And those options...

I don't know what to do... Does any one know if the 2k14-15's engine will be featuring a timing BELT or a timing CHAIN?
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