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Hey there:

Got my Diesel JGC back in April, got about 5k on her now and have been loving it since I got it. I came from a Jeep Patriot, it was an ok SUV but not nearly big enough for what I needed. I have had a bunch of Diesel trucks before but this is my first Mopar Diesel, had mostly Chevrolet Duramax trucks. I am a car guy, used to build and race Corvette's/GTO's/Camaro's but settled into a different life owning and running bars. I use the Jeep as a workhorse, it is often filled with supplies, kegs or whatever, also tow my Enclosed trailer or my GTO or Boat as needed. It's a Limited, Has the Polished 20's, Black with Black Leather, 8.4 Inch U Connect, it doesn't have Nav or HID"s or the Sunroof, and the only one I miss is the HID's. Oh well would have been cool but Diesel Jeep's are hard to find around here.

Here is a couple Pic's - and also the GTO just for fun!


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