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Been looking on here for a while and decided to join today 10.27
Live near Albuquerque NM and my wife travels 40,000/year to and from work with her ecodiesel. So far I am impressed with the reliability as well as the MPG. The maintenance isn't too terrible bad but the requirements are VERY stringent as well as the intervals bunch everything up making the process of doing the maintenance $$$$$$$$
That being said we have 50k miles on it and besides a few flash updates we just have one of the good ones.

AS a long time diesel owner it seems the folks that have the most problems are the ones that do short trips here and there. The diesels will work hard and for a long time but they need to be driven and worked. Kudos to all on here who do just that. Anyway hope I can offer some knowledge and experience from working with diesels from Ford Ram and my personal Chevys/GMs
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