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I just recently found this site--glad to be here!

I have a 2014 JCG Ecodiesel with the Overland trim which was delivered in November, 2014 (factory order).

It now has 15,150 miles on the odometer. It has been virtually trouble free until a couple of weeks ago when the check engine light went on; I am now waiting for a new DEF injector pump, or something like that. This has not affected drivability, however.

This has been one of the best vehicles that I have owned, diesel or gas (I have had several diesels, going back to a 1991 Dodge W250 Ram, a 1994 GMC Suburban and currently a 2005 VW Passat TDI wagon).

Last summer I packed up the family, attached a luggage carrier to the hitch receiver and drove out to Telluride, Colorado. Round trip distance was about 3800 miles, with an average mileage for the entire trip of 30.8 mpg. Not bad for a trip that included some off-road crawling on the easier trails in the Red Mountain mining area near Ouray, as well as 80+ mph stretches through most of the the state of Nebraska.

Funny, though--I saw quite a few of these Ecodiesels in the Telluride area, but I have yet to see a single one here in my area. I hope they are selling because this model is a real home run--kudos to Chrysler/Jeep!
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