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Hi everyone,

I just bought a 2014 Grand Cherokee from my neighbor and I’m in the process of fixing everything. The Jeep sat at my neighbors house for 2 years because it was a “lemon” and he didn’t want to screw anyone over. I offered to buy it at a very good price(for me) and he said after he got the EGR valve replaced under the recall he would do it.

I drove it to the dealership with all kinds of emissions codes so it was in limp mode but didn’t do horrible when I manually shifted. After 3 weeks I finally rescued the Jeep with the valve replaced but, and I quote, “a bad tick from the bottom of the engine, probably a bad bearing. You need a new motor,$14000 and it will be a year before we can do it”. Needless to say, I told them to kick rocks. When I picked it up the battery was dead and none of the codes where cleared. Limped it home, cleared the codes, and the things is a beast! Great power but still some small issues.

So with the back sorry out of the way I keep getting 2 codes that I’m sure are related but can’t quiet figure out. I think my abs module is going bad but before replacing it I thought I would get some feedback.

First code kicks off the service 4wd message on the display and turns on the traction control light. It is under the abs section and is “implausible data received from tcase”. This code resets every time I turn the car of but comes back on about 5 minutes into driving.

Next code is powertrain control module and is “battery voltage - circuit voltage below threshold”.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m guessing either tcase module or abs module.
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