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Help! Won't start

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I'm lost. Long story, but after some major trouble involving water, injectors and a severely flat battery, I've got her back together again, but she still won't start.
Turns over, but doesn't take.
Fault codes include P0261, thru to 276 (injector circuit low) and P1648 (glow plug module).
I'm told both of these shouldn't stop it from starting.

Back story: she swallowed some water, but caught it in time to avoid structural damage. Cleared the water and hooked everything back up. In the meantime suffered a flat battery, but charged that back up.

Anyone have a clue?
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Sorry, should add, it's a 2006 3.0l CRD (commander)
Yeah, you might want to take her to a dealership.....this sounds to be a bit out of the scope for this forum unfortunately...
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