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Have people had their AEM updates yet? and what is the verdict after all these updates? Has anyone NOT had problems since the update?

I have not done either of the AEM updates. I have owned the GC since new. I have gotten tons of notices on the AEM but refused to have it performed (and now glad i didn't).
I just wanted to hear if anyone has gone directly from NO update to AEM version 2?

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There are actually 3 updates now.
1. V08
2. VA7
3. W41

They're all awful. But the extended warranty on emissions components is nice to have. That sht is expensive.


Best - Pre-AEM GDE Hot Tune ECU + Trans Tune
Good - Post-AEM GDE EPA compliant ECU/TCM combo tune
Bad - Original stock tune
Worst - Stock tune post-AEMs

If you're okay with how your GC drives with the original stock tune, I'd leave it as is until the very end of the payout window. Then get the AEM done, collect the payout and then trade it.

For current owners: Submit a valid claim by February 3, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. HST
Complete the AEM by May 3, 2021
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