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Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am a huge Toyota Lexus fan and decided to go to the darkside with a 2014 grand Cherokee eco-diesel overland. 124k miles I was able to get a good deal on this SUV as I am a mechanic and needed some refurbishing. I got the maintenance up to par on this vehicle. I bought this intended to tow with as diesels are good to tow. (supposedly). Well not so much with this vehicle. I am in Phoenix Arizona and was towing up the 87 highway 7 percent grade i believe with a 3500 pound camper trailer. Just started my trip going uphill and all of a sudden the heat gauge is starting to climb up. All the way into the hot. So immediately I pull off and check everything out and the fans are working everything is good. I start to drive again and it’s starting to overheat again. So I pull off and I’m thinking the thermostat is bad so I remove the thermostat in a nearby city and fill it back up with coolant. Start to drive again uphill and it’s still overheating. So I look online and I am consistently seeing that quite a few people are having overheating issues. So now on my way to my trip of course frustrated I am worried about this vehicle now. After my trip I took it to the dealer and they replaced the thermostat under warranty.
Seems to be there is no solution as I did extensive research. There is no radiator upgrade BUT Thinking about it more, Mishimoto makes a thicker radiator for the SRT 8 grand Cherokee. It looks identical to the eco-diesel except it has a radiator neck. I took the chance and bought it. Finally got to replacing it and it fits exactly into the frame and core support of the vehicle. Only thing is the radiator neck is in the way of the reservoir. So what I do? I cut it off and leave a little bit out. Thinking I was going to weld it I found a company called HPS that makes heater caps that are reinforced and buy that on Amazon next day shipping and success it fits perfect. 27mm heater cap. You could also use a 28mm cap. I reassembled the vehicle back together also installing the CX racing intercooling pipe and intercooler upgrade. CX racing only gives you picture instructions and I’m not a huge fan of metal piping but it’s bigger and the inner cooler is bigger so I know it will cool better. I also plan to do a sofa king tune with stage one and stage two delete. I also Installed a new AC condenser.
The vehicle runs and drives great but I have not towed with it YET to see if that fixed the issue. but I will give an update as soon as I tow with it uphill. Please give me your thoughts and here are some pictures of the project as I don’t think anyone has done this yet.

Off the subject about the project. I also replaced the interior leather skins from katskin and did a front suspension leveling kit and reroute the suspension numbers to give it a small lift. Has 33" tires. The coil spring leveling kit fits exactly on the air struts. Vehicle rides perfect.
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