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We travel in the winter in a motorhome and flat tow our 2014 summit diesel. When we stopped for the night we left the jeep connected to the MH and locked the jeep. The following morning we fired up the MH and headed down the road only to hear the jeep's horn beeping, we stopped and I unlocked the jeep with the fob. and the horn stopped beeping. All went well and 400 miles later we stopped again for the night. I found the jeep dead as in zero electicity. Figured we left something on and drained the battery. Called AAA for jump start but the jeep refused any encouragement to come back to life. It appears the security system may have locked me out of the systems.
Heading for a jeep dealer tomorrow but thought I would see if anyone has had any sort of similar issues. After several phone calls I have not found any Jeep service guys with much knowledge about the issue.


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