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for the tow vehicle

  • against being a good tow vehicle ?

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  • For being a good tow vehicle ?

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Make good tow vehicle yes no please.

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I am looking @ a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007 3.0 l Turbocharged 224,000 km I intend to use this vehicle as a tow vehicle. A Boat weighing 2200 kg braked trailer. Anybody out there that owns one got any negatives or positives on the above towage issue ?
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It will tow that with ease. The best plan is to reprogram the chip. You can get lots more torque out of it that makes hauling a dream. Grand Cherokee CRD Performance & Fuel Economy - Green Diesel Engineering
I have the 2006 hemi and i only wish it put out this kind of torque low down. It will pass everything but a gas station.
So i picked up an 07 with some issues and an 08 with the parts to fix it...lol
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