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Map Updates

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has anyone done the map updates yet are they worthwhile?
my uconnect is fully updated in my '14 GC but the maps are wildly old. but $130 feels very steep has anyone done this is it at least within 2 yrs of age?
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I updated the map in my 14 with the 2017 map. Only you can really decide if it is worthwhile, but for me, at least, roads that are new or have been reconfigured now don’t throw the system into a “route recalculation” tizzy when it thinks you are driving off into the middle of nowhere. It takes a long time to apply the update, close to an hour. During that time, 1) the radio has to be powered on of course and 2) you can’t listen anything.
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off topic but how long does it normally take for you to receive your email confirmation in order to active your map? i've followed the instructions that came with the map update and went to the uconnect site and entered the usb serial number and have yet to receive an email containing the request code?
Anyone who likes Apple CarPlay or Android Auto should swap their unit for a 2018 version and forget the map updates from Jeep. Only downside is that you lose the Uconnect Access feature. But, if you don’t use that, then new head unit is an awesome way to make a pre-2018 Jeep feel new.
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