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Monitor your Jeep's tire pressure in a convenient way with Torxe Dash Mount TPMS Kits

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The tricky thing about tires is that they can lose pressure unequally. Of course, all of the modern vehicles nowadays are equipped with the stock tire pressure monitoring system, yet not all of them could accurately tell you which one out of 4 tires is low on air. Our solar powered 4-Tire Dash Mount TPMS Kits by Torxe are completely wireless, solar panel charging devices, which will provide you with the up-to-date information on how well your tires are inflated.

Transmission frenquency: 433.92MHz;
4 pieces internal sensors;
Sensor pressure range: 0-116psi(0~8bar);
Sensor working temperature: -40°C to +85°C;
Transmission power: less 10dBm;

Depending on your needs buy easy to install, legendary Torxe® TPMS-03 - 4-Tire Dash Mount TPMS Kit at CARiD

Or purchase classic Torxe® TPMS-04 - 4-Tire Dash Mount TPMS Kit

Make sure to get your tires inflated properly, find your vehicle's recommended tire pressure and maximum PSI listed on the sidewall on your door jam.

Be always ready to hit the road and eliminate the risk of sudden flat tire appearance with Torxe, browse through our selection of Torxe Automotive parts & accessories at CARiD.
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