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Mysterious Oil Leak Spray

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I have an 08' with a mysterious oil leak. I noticed a spray on the battery, took it to a local shop as I couldn't find it and they suggested that it could have been a faulty oil seal on the filter and was being dispersed by the fan. Got an oil change and then noticed it again a few weeks later. Took it to a Chrslyer dealership, they could not locate, so they shampooed the engine and added an ultraviolet dye. I drove around for a couple of days, they looked at it with the blacklight and still could not pin-point it. They suggested (80-90% sure) that it "could" be the oil cooler and would replace/repair for $2600.00 I am not losing vast amounts of oil, but it is annoying.

Has anybody had any similar experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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I was curious on 'why so much $$' to fix. There are several write ups on leaking coolers- and it looks like they changed seals to 'viton' to fix the problem. Its still a 10 hour job, though!

Oil Cooler Seals Pair (OM642) - 6421880480 - 6421880480 - IDParts.com
That's good information, thank-you.
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