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I have a 2007 Grand Cherokee Crd and over the past month I've been having an absolutely awful raw diesel smell coming into the cab and for I can't figure out where it's coming from. The engine is clean and there is no diesel or carbon residue/build up around the injectors or really anywhere on the engine.
I'm at a loss and am wondering if anyone on here knows of any good shops in the portland Oregon area I could take it to that will be able to find and fix the issue. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.
I have the exact same issue , it seems worse some days . I had the dealership replace the injectors in January , they have no answer. I took it to a local shop and the think it is because of overfilling the tank several times on a long journey several weeks back. They feel that there is a canister that vents the fuel system and it probably has raw diesel in it.They are telling me I should clear up over time and we are monitoring untill the next oil change. And at that time we will dig into it deeper. I will let you know how I make out at the next shop visit.And if you could do the same please let know it is very frustrating. 310K on mine.
Thanks Jeff

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