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New 2015 Jeep GC ED Owner here

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Hi Guys!
I'm new to my Jeep GC but I had a 14 Ram 1500 ED prior. Just wanted to introduce myself and see what advice you might share about my Jeep. I do have one question that comes to mind right away. Anyone have experience with GDE tune and the GC? Does the CTS 2 work for our vehicles as well???
Thank you in advance!
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Hello and welcome!
I just had my GDE tune updated. Having so much fun with it, it's almost unhealthy :D. Just this morning smoked a mustang, he was flabbergasted :). On other hand I enjoy the smooth ride on the long trips. AAC in manual 8th gear gets me everywhere.
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This forum is not as active as the Ram 1500 diesel forum is it? I wonder why that is? Glad to hear your enjoying your GDE tune. What year is your Jeep GC?
Yeah, there is lot more going on jeepforums even regards to ED.
Its 2015. Installed the GDE @ 1200miles in October and updated earlier this month @ 12000miles.
Last month, when noticed the 11111 miles on odo in a Jason's Deli drive thru , I took a picture of it, coincidentally it shows the economy after trip to Houston.
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Nice. 4x4? 2 wheel drive? Nice! I live in a mountain terrain area in California elevation of about 5K, My truck was actually doing better MPG's than my jeep but my jeep just crack 1000 miles.
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