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Just got my GC a little over two weeks ago and could not be more pleased. Only had a few miles on it and had to make a trip out west. Now have almost 7500 miles and averaged 32 mpg going west but only about 30 going east due to strong head and cross winds and driving a little faster.

I've been considering the Jeep since I first heard about the new diesel, and several reviews on the internet finally pushed me off the fence. My last 8 vehicles over 20 years have been F250 diesels. I don't need a truck, but driving 50k+ miles a year almost demands that I drive a diesel. Any 3-year-old car or truck with 150k miles on it is not worth anything at trade-in. With that kind of mileage, I've always bought as comfortable a ride as possible - they've all been Lariats - but with prices at or above $60K - they're not practical either.

My experience with the Fords is that each one was more comfortable, quieter, and better riding than the previous one, but the GC has them all beat hands down. If Ford was putting a small diesel in the Explorer I might have considered it, but I really like this Jeep.

I was fueling up and a young couple driving a tricked-out Toyota FJ asked if that was the turbo-diesel. When I said it was, the woman said "you've got some serious acceleration!" I remembered passing them, and I wasn't even on the throttle hard. The torque is great. No other comments, but some strange looks from people who must have been thinking "That idiot's putting diesel fuel in a Jeep!"
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