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I bought a 2014 Grand Cherokee summit 4wd eco diesel in june. It had 50000 miles on it and is in immaculate shape. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and had to quit driving my 98 Dakota because of the pain it caused, this thing has made driving easy and fun all over again, the feel the ride the setup I'm full on in love with this vehicle! I went from a model t to the starship enterprise and loving every minute I get behind the wheel.
Now my really bad day...started getting a slow gradual pull to the right, with the dirt road I live on figured it might need an alignment, basic stuff right? I bought it used at a Chevy dealer where family works, took it there to have it aligned. They said it wasn't very far out of spec but brought it back in to proper specs, I paid my money and went on my way.
Get above 60mph and the most godawful vibration kicks in, steering wheel shaking, vibrating, seat going numb. Husband and his friends look at it and all the wheel weights are missing. Back to the shop it goes, with a very unhappy, livid jeep owner behind the wheel.
This thing drove as smooth as glass at any speed with no problems except the minor pull before it went in! Any ideas did they break my baby or was the pull a symptom of something else starting? They spent all day today balancing rebalancing and not resolving it. Tech is determined to figure it out, they are going to put my tires\wheels on another Cherokee on Monday to see if the problem transfers to it and troubleshoot from there.
Meanwhile I'm now driving a 2019 Chevy brick on wheels loaner and wondering if I need to pull her out of the shop and get her to a jeep dealer?
Advice, suggestions, confidence boosters any and all greatly appreciated!
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