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Dear all,
I'm from Germany and i have some problems with my GC. Since some month I have sometimes a nearly high frequency noise in my car. It seems it will come from the fuel tank or the fuel pump. I couldn't really localize it.
It is during driving and during stop, but only if engine is running. The noise has started if fuel level was short before reserve. Now it starts when tank is half empty. During acceleration it changes the sound or stops short. The same situation I have for corners.
I got not really a support by FCA and my garage has also no concrete idea. They told me it could happend for the fuel pump in the tank, fuel filter or high pressure pump. Last is not really a cheap idea :confused:
Does anybody knows this problem or can you give me a contact in USA for technical support?
Thank you in advance and best regards
Attached a file of this sound from insid the car during parking situation.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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