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Good morning everyone,

I've searched and searched and I've only found one other post regarding the problem that I'm having.

Oil Life wont stay reset

It's not really a problem, more so an annoyance which started about 23k miles ago...or two oil changes ago...

I know resetting the OLM on these things has seemingly been a tricky issue for some. I don't have an issue with the actual reset procedure itself except for maybe having to repeat it two or three times to get the timing right.
So OK, great, I am able to reset the monitor...except if you turn the jeep off and walk away for 15 minutes, you'll come back to find the OLM has "forgotten" that it has been reset - it reverts back to it's previous state of 0% and the milage counter shows ~23000 miles since last reset (the one time I had it work and stick in my ownership).

I've tried a number of different combinations and things to try and "fix" the issue.

If you reset the indicator, turn the jeep off, then back on and go for a drive, the OLM will appear to function normal in the rest state. However, once you complete your drive and leave the jeep, you'll find that the next time you get in to go for a drive that the OLM has reverted to it's previous state.

I've also gotten the OLM to get confused to where it will say the last rest was over 40k miles ago...then it seemingly remembers that it's really been reset 23k miles ago.

I know this is a bit rambly, but I've tried many combinations and timings. I can't seem to figure this one out.

The Jeep is a 2014 WK2 ecodiesel with approximately 133k miles on the clock.
I purchased it at 99k and change.
The first oil change was around 109k miles at which point the reset procedure worked fine.
At around 120k miles I deleted it and used an HD diesel supply tune out of Canada.
I did reach out to them, but they said that the tune should have no affect on that function. I did try flashing the tune back and resetting the monitor. It persisted after I flashed the tune back to the new tune, but once again after letting the jeep sit for about 15 min (I'm guess the time it takes some system to fully shut down), the OLM acts as if it has never been reset.

Any thoughts? has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps something needs a reflash - which I suppose means the dealer :rolleyes:

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From your description of events it seems that the reset works fine with the stock tune, but not with the aftermarket tune.

I think that "should" isn't good enough.

Well I did try and flash back to stock and one point - reset the OLM and then I flashed it back, the same thing happened.
What I didn't see, is wait to see if it would of happened after some period of time had elapsed while the ECU still had the stock tune.

I posted a big response here Oil life reset doesn't stick
discussing more of what I have tried.

Thanks for the help.

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