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Oil life reset help

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Hi everyone. I am trying to reset the oil life on my jeep and everything I have tried and found online to do hasn't worked. The last time I took it to the dealership to have the oil changed (I got the oil change package but needed to change it before i had another one) they couldn't figure it out til one of their older guys came out and did it. I don't remember how he did it but I can't get the damn thing to reset. If anyone knows how please tell me so I can try.
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1. Without pressing the brake, Push stat button to "Run"
2. Depress accelerator 3 times within 10 seconds
3. Push start button again to "lock"

You do not have to wait for the chime to stop and you might have to try this several times before it takes. The instructions in my manual did not work for me via the "Vehicle Info" section on the dash.
Vehicles with diesel engines (export models):

1. Cycle the ignition to the "ON/RUN" position (Do not start the engine).
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and keep it fully depressed for at least 30 seconds.
3. Press and release the brake pedal six times while holding the accelerator pedal pressed.
4. Perform one ignition OFF-ON cycle, start the engine and verify that the reminder has been reset.

Repeat the process if the indicator does not reset.
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