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I purchased my GC in Ventura, CA. Drove it home to Las Vegas. Just for the heck of it I decided to check to see for any oil leaks. As my Volvo XC90 2004 was oil leaker. So, I check for oil and low and behold OIL leaking!!! I rush to the dealer & set me up an appt. I take it in and it's a Cracked OIL PAN!!! It didn't even have 500 miles! The service manager said "about 1in. crack, right out of the manufacturer." Alright that was October. Now, 6 months later, my boyfriends 2011 X5 was leaking oil. So, I thought I better check the GC and again oil spots. I take in and they say "bad gasket." Fine, I say. Then they call back saying "needs a new oil pan." What is going on I'm thinking. The GC has 6,600 miles. So, they get another oil pan. Then service calls again saying "that oil pan is no good!" They have to order another one. Well, 3rd time is a charm. I just got my GC back this week and so far all looks good.

I did end up writing to Jeep letting them know what shitty parts they are sending out. They are suppose to be looking into it. Other than this oil pan problem I love my JEEP (so,far.) I have purchased the extended warranty which seems like a good investment.
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