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Out of area purchasing

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Today, VW should announce to the court what they will pay owners of the 2.0 diesel, then finalize in 6 weeks or so. When bought my 2015 Passat, intended to keep 2 years until retired then purchase either a diesel Jeep or Touareg (now off the table) with small trailer (25' max). Wife vetos another truck or would consider the Ram 1500. Now hopefully will get back what initially paid and not have a trade-in with a few dinks to worry about.

First problem is, there are no 4X4 diesel Overlands in the entire State of Florida, and half the 4x2's don't include the towing package. I don't mind driving 3 hours or so to a dealer that has in stock...but there are none according to Jeep's online locator! In my research, I also made another discovery as I learned of Truecar with the Passat purchase. Been playing with Truecar, changing zip codes to specific dealers zip code. Amazing! Dealers in Washington DC are, on average, $3000 cheaper for the identical spec'd Jeep, 4x4 or 4x2, than any in Florida. Better yet, several of the dealers had the exact spec'd vehicle I was looking for on the lot and it becomes who has which color/interior combo.

Now the question. For $3000 would gladly take a cheap early AM flight to DC and taxi to the dealership, then 1 night hotel part way home. Obviously traveling light with no checked baggage. Will TSA allow a metal license tag as carry on or will they confiscate it? Has anyone had experience with distance purchasing? Fed-Ex the plate to the dealer? Don't worry about it - dealer will slap a temporary plate on? NOTE: in Florida, the old plate transfers to the new vehicle and the dealer handles everything tax/tag/title, but in this case I would have to handle the tax/tag/title through the DMV.
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I bought mine out of state. The dealer put a temporary tag from their state on the Jeep, then I went to my local DMV for tax/tag/title. I suggest calling the dealer in DC and ask how they handle out of state customer purchases.
I am in the process of purchasing from the DC area as well. One dealer said they could do the plates and registration, while another expects me to do it myself. The same was true for dealerships in NY, some do, some don't. Although the rebates are different in each area they will not change for you as they are based on the zip code where you live. Check to make sure the lower listed price isn't because of rebates you cannot get. One dealership made me an offer that was higher than listed on their website. When I asked why they told me their price reflected rebates that did not apply to me.

Sales tax etc. Remain the same regardless where you purchase since it is paid when you register the vehicle, so trying to save tax by purchasing in another state tends not to work.

Good luck with your purchase.
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I just bought 2016 located in Colorado while I am in Texas. I would prefer to buy plates before starting long trip but with the Car in Colorado and Texas requiring a State Inspection before issuing Texas Plates it looks like that is not going to happen. So, buying without paying taxes or plates and traveling with Temporary Tags. Got to get it home within 60 days of purchasing. I would have preferred to buy from my local dealer but did not have the model I wanted to buy. There is one in the country so I bought it in Colorado. That's after I gave the local Dealer the opporunity which he could not guarantee delivery in my time frame of 5-6 weeks. The Bird in the hand if it is the Bird you want!

On to the Adventures & Bucket Trips!

One thing to keep in mind when looking at a vehicle out of state. There is a difference between purchasing and leasing. Some states don't honor taxes paid on lease vehicles in another state. An example would be FL and GA. Leased vehicle in GA has TVAT tax applied at the sales tax rate of 7% at the time of purchase. When I relocated to FL they don't honor the taxes paid in GA as there is no reciprocity so FL will then charge you 7% sales tax on top of your monthly lease paymet. Good news is I only had two lease payment left when I moved. Now for my Jeep purchase in GA which also had TVAT tax applied and paid, you have to wait 6-months from the time of purchase before registering in FL if not one would have had to pay FL sales tax of 7% on the gross purchase price. luckily I had another car so the Jeep sat for three weeks until the 6 month mark was up. Talk about double taxation.

Some of the out of state dealers I spoke with don't include the sales tax in the their out the door numbers; which should include just that, citing they can't accurately calculate the correct tax amount and assume you will pay for it on your own. which may be preferred if you don't find a zero percent interest loan and probably don't want to over pay on tax.
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