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I just received these codes this Saturday and the CEL (check engine light) is now off. Coming home from work I decided to fill up and drove home. An hour later I started the Jeep and the CEL comes on. The Jeep will not allow me to shift from park. I turn it off and back on and everything is now fine but the CEL is still on. Took it to O'Reilly and had them pulled the codes. The scanner reviled the following 3 codes. P1DB8, U0422, and the same P1DB8??? Later that night the CEL turns off.

I will be taking the Jeep in for servicing and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this. I did some research and could not get a straight answer on what these codes mean. Any help would be great, because I'm gearing up for some BS answer from the dealer. LOL
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