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Have a 17 eco diesel, in the shop for two months for a EGR recall,got it back,two days later it throws the DPF code,they said it was a glitch,two days later,same code,took it back,bad sensor for the DPF,two days later ( today,5-29) throws the same code again!! Dropped it off at 2:30 this pm!!! In the last three months,I’ve actually had my truck for about 9 days. This is my ninth ram since ‘94, didn’t have problems with any of them. This crap is getting old,really fast!
A couple of thoughts...

I would be starting a lemon law case, especially if you have documented the lack of use of your truck for over 60 days.

Being that it's the Ram you're dealing with, you might get more input/help over on ram1500diesel.com than this site. This site is primarily Jeep diesels & doesn't get much traffic.
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