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If you can find an Autozone that carries Pennzoil Ultra EuroL, it is included in the current Synthetic Pennzoil sale they have going on. For $29.99 you get 5 quarts plus an STP filter. The filter won't do you any good because Autozone doesn't carry the correct one for your EcoDiesel, but I have 3 other vehicles, so I buy 10 qts at a time each time they run this sale, and select filters for other vehicles I have.

The problem will be finding a store that carries it. I just happen to be fortunate enough to have my local store stock it, but they are also the only one in my tri-county area that does. If you can get your store to start stocking it for you or get it for you during the sale, you can save quite a bit. If calculated it right, it ends up costing less than $6 a quart if you factor in the price of the filter you get with the deal. They run this deal about every 3 months, so I'm stocked up for the future. :)
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