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I am researching the GC, but I am a little confused about their 4x4 systems. Are all the GC 4 wheel drive, but with different ways of managing Hi and Lo gears? Which is full time 4 wheel Hi and has a way of managing the slipping wheel?

I have a Limited with 2WD and it suites me.... but my understanding of the JGC 4X4 is it's AWD and not 4WD. Not like the wrangler I used to own or like the jeeps I drove in in Germany or Vietnam but more like my sons Subaru or most AWD's on the road. I believe there are some two or three ways AWD is handled depending on the level of trim.

Me.. I'm in it for the towing so off road or mud does not interest me.

So basically I own one and still I am also somewhat confused.
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