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PO420 Diesel Grand

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I have a 14 Diesel Grand cherokee, I ended up jumping in it this morning and it threw a PO420 code. The vehicle has 9600 miles. Isnt that a little early to have Catalytic converter issues ?
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Question: Have you ever washed the exhaust pipe chrome tips or forged through water over 6" deep?

I am trying to determine why a large number of us have had our Cats replaced.

The cat on this vehicle operates between 600 - 1200°F and, if quenched with water, may crack the ceramic honeycomb structure in the converter. Look at the dual exhaust. Its higher than the converter and water could back flow and quench a hot converter if you spray high pressure water into the pipes. Its just a theory but is supported by some articles like this:


Warranty will.cover a failed converter but I am interested to knowing if we are accidentally damaging them. I won't be spraying water into the exhaust tips from now on.
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