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Hello, all
I am interested in purchasing a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I went to check it out I started the engine which was already warm (dealer drove it to work that morning) and when I pulled the oil fill cap oil blew everywhere and it had what I considered to be a lot of blow-by. I very nicely told him that was a deal breaker to me and left. He called me a few minutes ago to say the shop he took it to said the throwing oil is normal because the timing chain is RIGHT by the filler cap.
1. Is this true?
2. How much of what looks like is blow-by to me is normal?
3. {EDIT} Does it indicate that the PCV is stuck shut, and it could be a simple fix? If so, I'll ask the seller to have it serviced/replaced.

It's way more than I'm used to seeing. My old GM 6.5L turbo diesel did that when I bought it, but I KNEW it was bad and had the engine rebuilt. My current 2001 Cummins has 345k miles and doesn't even have noticeable blow-by. The 2015 Dodge I drove had 150k miles or so and didn't blow like that, and neither did my old 6.2L Blazer!

Is that normal for these engines, or should I keep looking? There aren't any other Mercedes era Jeeps around here for me to use for comparison. Any advice appreciated, thanks!
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