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PPEI Custom tuning on Diesel Brothers

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Watching 'Diesel Brothers' - they went with the PPEI custom tuning on their Ram build good for '400 hp'.
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I saw that one, but I find it very hard to believe that they are getting 160 hp on top of stock even if its just to the crank. the turbo we have is not rated for much more than 300.
Yea- I remember they commented on the stock Turbo that 'it was good as is from the factory' - and did not change it out. Check PPEI's site out and they do indeed have a 400hp tune. I thought I saw a a little puff of 'soot' when they started it up- so I wonder if there is a DEF delete involved as well. We should hit them up to do a Grand Cherokee sometime!
went on their site. couldn't find the 400hp tune for ecodiesel. right now I have the 'hot tune' from GDE and its not too bad. definetly moves it a bit better. working on other stuff as well.
Yea- I misread what I thought said '400' was '40' hp boost. They have a 60 hp as the top modification. (I thought they said on Diesel Bros. the RAM was putting out '400 hp', though)
they did, but I think they were exaggerating. I got the 60hp tune and from having some higher horsepower cars and trucks, its far off from 400. maybe 270hp to the wheels with tune...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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