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Hello Group,

I am new to this forum but I have been monitoring this thread for awhile now. I got some good information today from the law firm handling this, I spoke with one of their paralegals for almost an hour earlier this afternoon, I will pass along to you what she said.

First and foremost, I have a '15 GC, got the software update and have been experiencing P20ee codes, sluggishness and reduced MPGs like all of you. Most recent trip is supposedly the NOX Sensor going bad, who knows.

FCA has an approved "fix" for the sluggishness that is going to be released sometime in the next 14 days. You all will be recieving something in the mail directly from FCA highlighting the update and what it is going to do and the good ol "it wont alter performance or MPG in any other way" promise we got the last time. If you don't get something in the mail, reach out to your dealerships and inquire, they should be in the loop. The software update is a direct result of the lawfirm forwarding on complaints to FCA's outside rep team that all of us have made. She reiterated how important it is for us to be in contact with them to report any issues, so well done so far for everyone who called.

I have also seen a lot of people speaking of the buyback, I got info on that as well. As it has been documented on here multiple times, you can qualify for a buyback if your vehicle is in the shop for 30 or more consecutive days or you take it to the same dealership 4 times for the same code. Once this has happened and you would like to start the process you call FCA customer service directly and tell them you would like to start the buyback process. They will collect required information and start the process. IN SOME CASES the FCA reps have been giving out bad info stating they are not offering buybacks. Get the persons name and call the lawfirm with the information and they will contact FCA directly on your behalf. A lot of the buybacks are not being approved as a "warranty buyback" because if there are any records on file prior to AEM installation of your vehicle being serviced for a similar issue (like a p20ee code) then they can claim that there was preexisting problems and it is not directly related to the AEM. BUT in most cases they will offer you a "Good Will Buyback." "Hey Joe, what is the difference between the two?" Glad you asked. If you somehow get a warranty buyback, they take the current NADA value, plus options at the clean retail value (mine was $24,945). A good will buyback takes that same value minus mileage deductions and a title and tax reduction. Basically FCA's way of trying to save some $ in this mess.

For those of you who are experiencing issues and the dealer is trying to give you the run around: Whip out the lawsuit guidelines and show them. If it is like my case, they will change their tune very quickly. If they don't, call the law office and they will get on the horn with FCA and get the dealership to fall in line. THEY ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE YOU A LOANER VEHICLE IF THE SERVICE IS GOING TO TAKE LONGER THAN 3 HOURS, no if, and's or buts.

Stay strong team, we are being heard. I will list the contact information below for the lawfirm, they have 3 dedicated paralegals for just us. I emailed there main address yesterday ( 1/15 ) at 3:06pm EST and she called me on my cell phone at 1:00pm EST ( 1/16 ). I will leave the mainline for the paralegals below, as well as the direct line to the paralegal I spoke with.

Offices of Leiff Cabaser Heimann & Bernstein

Ali Brilliant, Paralegal
415-956-1000 ext. 2241

Hope this helps!
BEST information I have been given so far. Definitely appreciate the info and I am glad there is a place where we can share information and vocalize our issues together.

I have a 2014 GC Overland (fully Loaded) that I LOVE which now seems unrepairable. To make things worse the jeep was JUST paid off un full in October 2019

- Brought the Jeep in for AEM recall in July 2019 and I am STILL not able to drive my Jeep and its FEBRUARY 2020
- My Alert is "Service Electronic Throttle Control" and Check engine light comes on. Acceleration is even WORSE than it already was after the AEM fix
- Had to get the jeep towed on on occasion as it wouldn't stay on
- Charged $1641 bc jeep said the issue was a Turbo oil line and fuel filter (Back in September 2019) which was 100% NOT the issue
- Have gotten the car back 5 times and each time they hold the car for months at a time. Give it back only for the issue to come back 100 miles later.
- Constantly inconvenienced as they never have loaners and send me to Hertz, who never has jeeps only (older Hyundai's and other smaller vehicles)

If any of you haven't I would open up a case with Jeep Customer care (not sure if they are actually helping or feeding me BS) But still open a case with them @ (248) 464-6694

At this point I and will settle for nothing less than a new (similar) vehicle or buyback. I was unsure about spending money on an attorney but based on what your stating it may be best to get one now. And it is good to know they are only handling the Jeep cases. I want the max value for the Diesel if we do a buyback (83,000 Miles for the 2014 Overland Diesel should be at least $18-20k) and your point on being able to confirm if the issue was due to the AEM is KEY, as my dealer has stated this wasn't due to the recall, which it CLEARLY is so we will see about this tomorrow.

Alright done venting but @Jferg thanks and please keep us posted on your case, and also do the attorneys you provided handle issues in the state of Georgia as well?

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Has anyone used the PPEI custom tune and have any feeback? They are the only ones doing tunes (and GDE shutting down) for ecodiesels now since the new EPA rules and you have to take the ECM out of the vehicle and send it to them to do a bench tune, they send it back and you have to reinstall it? They tune is $900 and I'd probably have to rent a car for a week while the tune is being done onsite in Louisiana. There is little to no feedback available on the internet so hoping someone is familiar with it.
The short version of my story to date:
I've had really bad problems with regens since the AEM and had to take it to the dealer several times after getting the DPF100% full message. All the while, I've been lobbying my dealer (Rick Hendrick in Atlanta, GA) to replace the DPF because I knew it was clogged and compromising the regen process in general. The details of what it took to get them to replace it under warranty:
  • The dealer (who I think it good and competent, many aren't) wouldn't just replace the DPF on my word despite my horrible history with regens and dealer initiated manual regens
  • I had been raising hell with FCA and had multiple call-ins/claims about regens
  • It got to the point where I purposely let it get 100% full so that I had a check engine light on they "had an excuse to take off the DPF and inspect it
  • They inspected the DPF and it was totally clogged to the point that they couldn't even do manual regens on it anymore (the DPF soot hose we 97% clogged too)
  • Got it all covered 100% under the extended warranty on 2/12/20
My concern moving forward is that the same thing is bound to happen again if I don't get it tuned. When speaking with PPEI a couple weeks before, they said the tune would be futile if I had a compromised DPF filter from the way the AEM had it tuned currently so they suggested demanding that FCA replace the DPF. Mission accomplished after much pain and frustration so now I'm just trying to do my homework while searching for a tuning option.

My other concern is that this issue has gotten so bad and widespread that maybe FCA will do something about it; offer an updated tune, offer a buyback, etc. I have little to no faith in them but if I go the tuning route, I will void my extended warranty. I have a bad feeling that other stuff my be compromised due the the joke that is the AEM tune so trying not to spend a grand on a tune (which I think is the right option) but the have other things start falling apart that should be covered under the extended warranty which is now void because of the tune.

Tough spot but leaning towards a tune and looking for insight!
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