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Howdy all!
Wendy and I just came back from a quick weekend camping trip. Was the first for our new Vision and Jeep.
Jeep had NO issues pulling it thru the hilly terrain of Maine
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and cruising on the Turnpike. I had set the cruise for 60 (I am in no hurry) and generally left it in 7th gear (manually selected) and sometimes shifted into 8th on flats and downhills. Turned around 2000 rpm at 60 in 7th gear and my avg MPG there and back was 16.8mpg. Best guess to the trailer weight with eveything in it was approx 4200lbs.
It was 80 outside on Friday when we left and the oil temp never got above 230F when climbing hills. Generally stayed around 220ish.
Very pleased with the Jeep!
Next trip will take us up to Northern Maine in the mountains in about a month...stay tuned.
Lee & Wendy.

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Looks to be a handsome package!
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