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Recent Test drive

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Recently I took a test drive of the 2016 eco diesel, with the intent to purchase. I am a long time GC owner ( 5 in the last 12 years) and I have no plans to ever own any other type of TV.
Here is the issue : In November my wife and I purchased a 23 foot Airstream Trailer, dry weight 3700 Ibs,
loaded 4500 Ibs. I have the 2014 Penstar V-6 with a tow capacity of 6200.( I added a brake controller) I have traveled about 500 miles with no problems.
I was satisfied with the drive of the Diesel and was looking forward to the added tow capacity. Is it me or did I miss something? $47000 .... No integrated brake controller and no extendable mirrors ! ( the salesman kept reminding me of the Chrome package and upgraded sound system).... I want towing functions, not eye candy. !
For those drivers who tow ? Is my Penstar V-6 capable of the task, I am well under my limits and towing at about 70% capacity. During the first 500 miles my trans temp has only increased from 192* to 195* my oil temp has not risen.
I'm just not sure the the added cost will bring any real benift/

Thanks in advance for the advice I hope will be posted
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If you're only keeping them 2 years at a time I don't see why a diesel would make sense for you.
My 2014 ECD had no problem pulling my 28' Rockwood at 6000lbs even uphill. The only thing is my wife didn't like the sway when towing on windy days compared to my F350.

Note: It physically outperformed my F350 in acceleration and MPG.
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