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Regen in Progress Leads to Full Filter and Tow

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I posted this already but it seems to have disappeared.

I was driving my 2015 Jeep GC Diesel Summit the other day and got the regen message. Shortly after that, the message changed to filter full, see dealer, and the car went into limp mode. The car has 69,000 miles on it but the engine only has 25,000 due to a sudden seizure because of poor manufacturing quality.

I had the car towed to the dealer.

The service attendant called to tell me that they could do a manual regen for $150, but after it was done there could be more damage discovered that could cost thousands. Even though I have a Zurich extended warranty, none of this would be covered because I had an open recall that wasn't done. This recall is the ecosettlement recall, V08. I didn't get this done because of all of the negative feedback on different forums of the effects on the way the car drives as well as recurring maintenance issues.

Ultimately, I was backed into a corner and am not in a position to spend thousands on this issue so I had the recall done.

So far I haven't noticed any difference in the way the car drives. It's too early to tell on the mileage, but the OBC does look like it took a small hit. I have to tow the boat next week so that will be the big test.

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So I've put about 1K miles since the recall work.

So far, I haven't had any problems such as error codes, regens, or check engine light.

I will say that the car drives differently. It's hard to describe, but the accelerator pedal has a "mushy" response. I can make the car go slow or fast if I want. There seems to be a dead-band in the acceleration though.

The mileage seems to be worse also, especially in the city.

Will report if anything changes.

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I have noticed a substantial drop in fuel mileage after the recall was applied. I used to consistently get 26-27 mpg on the highway. Now I’m lucky to get 22-24. In mixed city/hwy I’m only getting 18-20.
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