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Seizure Number 2!

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You may remember me from this thread:


Well, my 2015 GC Summit Diesel just shit the bed tonight. I was driving home from work and the engine started to sound a bit louder than normal. The sound reminded me of my dad's old Mercedes 220D. It sounded more "diesel" than normal.

As I got closer to home, the noise proceeded to change to more of a knocking. At this point I was only a mile or so out. So far, normal temps, no warning lights. As I drove down my street, the engine suddenly stopped and I was able to coast into my driveway. My suspicions about it having seized were proven true when I pushed the start switch...

The car has 45,000+ miles on it. Luckily, I purchased the 100,000 mile warranty from Zurich.

At this point, I am numb to the whole experience. I will once again be without my car and will be facing a repair that shouldn't have to be made.

More to follow...

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So update:

1) Car has been picked up with new engine. This time it only took 16 days to fix versus 9 weeks. So far, everything is running good. First time around, required 2 trips back to dealer (one in limp mode) to clean up serious flaws in the repair. The dealer did stick it to me on the way out the door though. I was on a pretty tight schedule to pick up the car before leaving town for a few days. This was a problem for the dealer as I had their loaner rental car and they didn't want me to leave town without returning it since my car would be ready during this time. About an hour before I went to pick up the car, which was on the way to the airport for me, they called to tell me that the battery had failed a "test" and needed replacing. I didn't have time to do this myself and it cost $350. They wouldn't even remove the labor for the install even though I believe that it was already accounted for as part of the engine replacement anyway... This is chicken**** and just reinforces my disdain for Chrysler and Jeep.

2) Someone from Jeep has made contact with me. They were surprised that I still had concerns since the car had been returned. I explained my concerns about Jeep diesel reliability and my family's well being. I also explained that this was my second catastrophic engine failure and I fear getting stuck with huge repair costs down the road. They agreed to talk more after the new year to see if there was something that they could do to. I don't have high hopes for anything good to come of the conversation but we will see....

The bottom line is that Jeep has met their legal obligation to me with the warranty repair. Unfortunately for me, this isn't enough.

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