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Ever since I took delivery to our 2016 Jeep GC Diesel, I complained about the lag when in 3rd gear while trying to accelerate into a roundabout. It fell on deaf ears. 20,000 miles later I mentioned it again to the service manager (by chance a woman this time) while it was going in for the DEF being stuck on 25% for three months. This time they did write it down and low and behold they did a Computer Transmission Shift Adaptive Relearning. WOW! It drives like never before -- so smooth on the shifts and no lag at 6-12 mph in third when I press the accelerator.

Oh yes, even after replacing the DEF injector, it is still stuck on 25%. I carry DEF on long trips.

Anybody else have this experience with Computer Transmission Shift Adaptive Relearning?

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