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Should I buy a manufacturer's buyback?

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In 2009 I bought a 2007 BMW 335 for $20,500. The car had 30k miles on it and a window sticker of $45k when new. It was a manufacturer's buyback. The car now has 60+k miles and I haven't had a single problem with it. I had done my research and knew that BMW had a problem with fuel pumps on some of the turbocharged models. It appeared to me that the problem had been resolved by the manufacturer, but not before a lot of them had been bought back under lemon laws. BMW had extended the warranty on the fuel pump to 120k miles, even on cars that were bought used, so I figured I couldn't go wrong unless it broke down in the middle of nowhere, which is definitely something to consider. In any case, so far so good, and I consider it one of the better buys I ever made.

I see a similar situation now with the JGC eco-diesel. I see several on E-Bay at good prices, and when you look closer you see that they are buybacks. Reviewing this forum I'm guessing that the "wrong" DEF/Cat Converter problem is causing lots of them to be bought back. Looks to me that most who have had the converter replaced have experienced no more problems.

So should I buy one? It's hard to pass up a 2014 JGC eco-diesel for less than $30k if the issue has been resolved.
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Gee- I guess make sure it does indeed have the 'new CAT' and all updates - it could be a great deal. (I noticed the board has been pretty quiet lately on 'recurring CAT and DEF issues').

I still have 'original CAT' on mine yet - with out any problems @ 12K miles- it was mentioned that a previous software update was part of the solution, too.
CamJam, did you move forward purchasing a buy back?

I've been considering buying one also. Would appreciate feedback.

Hey guys, new to the site. Just stepped into a 2015 Limited Diesel Grand Cherokee, very excited. Looked at a manufacturer buy back in the process. Things I found out. 2 things that kept me from it, title is always branded "buy back" or similar terminology and many banks will not give loans for a branded title. Enough to make me say no thanks even though it was basically a software issue on the 2014 Diesel. But, I'm not one to buy a first model year redesign either, just never sits well that they haven't been on the roads yet.
Hi ShuJump,

Thanks for your take! I've been hunting for about 1-1/2 months for a used, low mileage, ecodiesel, 4x4, with factory tow package... I'm glad we couldn't find one we liked that was a lemon/buy back and we almost settled for a gas V6.

In fact, we just found one today!

16,700 miles 2014 GC Ecodiesel limited 4x4 tow package Pano roof etc... Negotiated to $34,500. We put a deposit on it tonight so they wont sell it, but i want to see it in the light on Monday before we fully move ahead. I'm very confident this is the one.

Blew away ALL my expectations from the moment I started it. Very happy tonight!

Just out of curiosity, none of the other jeeps I drove had a cd player, or dvd player, in the center console. Is this aftermarket?
Hi ShuJump,
Just out of curiosity, none of the other jeeps I drove had a cd player, or dvd player, in the center console. Is this aftermarket?
There is a dealer or factory installed option for this. I have a 2014 GC Diesel (love it!) that did not come with a CD player, but a coworker just bought a 2015 and ordered it with a CD player and it is in the center console. I'm sure aftermarket options are available as well, but this was a Mopar one.
I just purchased a "buy back" this past weekend. Bought a 2014 Overland with everything but the factory CD player. Took it on a 1952mi. test drive back to my home from Green Bay Wi. (Live in Seattle). Went through all kinds of weather and even saw -17 for a few hundred miles. Did a lot of research and read a lot of horror stories about the vehicle. Just realize that a lot of the owners who post are very pissed and sometimes judgement is clouded. In the end, i took the chance with it and am very happy so far........ I did finance this for now (will pay off in a month or two), and received 2.66% for 72 mos. I don't think it's true that you're limited as to who will finance you for one. Time will tell, but like the OP, i also had a 2008 BMW 535 that i bought as a "buy back" that was perfect, but they are two very different manufactures. I figured that the deal i got more than makes up for the hit I'll take when i go to sell this 7-10 years from now.
Thanks CaseyGV, the newest car I've owned was a 2009 toyota, apparently cd players are now an option on cars? i wanted to put a CD in but I realized I dont own any CDs myself, cant even try it out.

We brought the Jeep home yesterday, very pleased!

CycleBrkr, in Arizona it was difficult to find any used diesel. 1 dealer had 7 of the diesel buy backs on their lot, turned out the prices were not great enough for a buy back. Also 4x4 was a requirement of ours and none of them were. As much as I like a discount, I'm happy with my purchase too. :)

For our first trip we are driving to New York from Arizona, we hope to see amazing gas mileage ;). I will need to relearn how to drive! I've never been one to drive fast, but this motor makes me want to. Also, what is with the voice telling me what the speed limit is and something about i'm going over it? I may need to turn that off until I get used to the motor.

Also, just before I bought ours, I noticed the dealer's website that has the 7 buy back diesel GCs cut all the prices on them by $1,000 and said there sending them back to auction if they don't sell. I don't think they are doing as well with them as they hoped.
I'll have one for people to buy. Chrysler is buying my 2015 Diesel GC. Prob go for a good price.
I'll be turning it in soon. Chapman Chrysler Jeep. will have under 2k miles.
Before you buy a "buy-back" or any other Chrysler product, be sure to read on the main forum about my engine problems. 45 days since my engine seized and two more serious issues since and I still don't have the car....

2014 GC Summit Diesel
I just picked up a diesel grand cherokee buyback, with what I think was a good deal 2014 Limited with tow, Lux II and advanced tech package, less than 20k in mile. They told me none of the local credit unions (greater san diego area) would not finance a buyback title, so I did Allied financial and the rate was less than steller even though i have 740+ credit score. I can ask where you guys are financing at?
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