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Been an ED owner for +3 years now. Started with the JGC & liked it so much that I decided to get ED Ram. Loved them till EPA hit. Bought a used GDE ECM for the Ram & it helped somewhat. Finding a used GDE ECM for JGC is next to impossible. I was a little suspicious with all the bantering about SKT vs GDE vs the world.

Finally decided to pull the trigger on SKT tune. I made purchase & waited 10+ days & never heard anything about when device would be shipped. Finally was able to get someone to reply to me via email. Email indicated they didn't know when they would be shipped. My response was I wanted a refund. I guess that perked their ears (& maybe wallets??). Shipped out & received on Wednesday. Hooked up, downloaded stock tune & emailed off to SKT. Thursday afternoon I get SKT tune emailed back to me. Thursday night I upload the tune to JGC & go for test drive. First impression, WOW. JGC now runs like a gorilla high on mtn dew!! There's still a slight hesitation from a dead stop, but nothing like post AEM/updated AEM programming. Actually barked the tires at a stoplight taking off. Filled tank with fuel & will monitor MPGs for the next few tanks.

The JGC is primarily wife's vehicle. This morning (Friday) she tells me she doesn't really notice any difference!?! WTF are you smokin?!? I told her to punch it a couple of times & then tell me she doesn't notice a difference. Maybe it's just me since I'm used to the GDE in my heavier Ram, but I thought there was a good "seat of pants" improvement. I might have to convince her to let me get tune for my truck now.

I'll update after I get more miles on tune in a couple of weeks.
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