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Software Problems

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In the last week I have numerous issues with my new JGC '14 Summit (Diesel). Entire radio function (Sirus, and regular radio) went out. I updated the software at the suggestion of the Jeep customer care call center to this >>>>> ( UCONNECT® 8.4AN_RA4 (14.05.03 ). So the upgrade fixed the radio only functionality but subsequently other issues have popped up. I set the temperature control at 65 at bi-level and or front and the system returned hot hot air. I tried everything and the only way to get cool air was to turn on the actual air conditioning system. It happened to be 37 degrees outside so perhaps the computer thought I wanted hot air (I did not have auto climate control on either!!). Then hours later my phone lost connectivity via bluetooth. Then I turned the car off and on and phone worked via bluetooth but I could not stream music via bluetooth. I have an Apple iPhone 4S. I have owned the vehicle for two months and only in the last four days have a begun to experience all these issues. To me it sounds like software issues.

I will say everytime I experienced a new issue I called Jeep customer care to get it documented. Today I received a call from Jeep customer advocacy group and they are working with the dealership to resolve my issues. So I am still very frustrated but at least the manufacturer is assisting the dealership.
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Yes, there are a number of software issues related to UConnect, the radio and the HVAC controls. You aren't alone on this. From what I've been hearing it can be like taking one step forward, two steps back during the process of straightening all of this out. Very frustrating to say the least.

Keep on your dealer about it.
During my first service today, the service manager performed a software update via Jeep notification???
Not certain what was updated, but he said it is reported to slightly improve fuel mileage???
Is that even possible?
My guess is that it was a software update for transmission shifting. So yes, it potentially could improve your fuel mileage.
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