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So, I have an issues with my wife’s 14 grand Cherokee summit eco diesel. She noticed one day that her temperature gauge started to creep up. Then, it took a sudden spike and jumped all the way to the top and then moved back to normal operating temperature. One afternoon, when she got home the fans were going full blast. Immediately after she turned off the jeep, I started it right back up and the gauge indicated normal temps and the fans did not turn on. Then, a couple of days ago she experienced a situation where it slowly crept up and then stayed relatively high. It bounced around.
From my research, I feel that is the $30 temperature sensor. No big deal. I’m hoping this is the case.
Has anyone else experienced this? Although it is only $30 and a quick fix, I would rather not go down a rabbit hole without a little more confidence. Any help is greatly appreciated. The day after tomorrow, I will likely go this route if no new information is presented here.
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