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Strange CEL issue

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Had a new one yesterday. Saturday, I had driven about 700 miles. Sunday, I made a few quick trips around the town I was visiting. At the first stop, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but when I started the Jeep, the check engine light stayed on. I took it to an auto parts store and had them scan it - The code was P1DBB which they said was a "vendor generic code" and that I needed to take it to a Jeep dealer (which was closed naturally). I continued about my business that day and by the evening, the check engine light had turned itself off, so I have no idea what caused it to come on, and I don't know what fixed it. Is the code stored in the memory still where I can take it to a Jeep dealer and have them tell me what caused it to come on? Or is it just gone until it comes back?
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Had it scanned at the Jeep dealer. P1DBB = Unintended torque applied while in neutral, stored in the TCM. The service advisor cleared it and said "maybe it caught a rev when it was being shifted into Neutral or Park" and just to watch it and see if it comes back on. It never acted any differently before the light came on or after it went out on its own. Curious.
My previous vehicle was Chevy Duramax & I had a programmer on it. If I spun a tire & it then caught on dry pavement, it would go into limp mode. First time it happened, it freaked me out. The eco-d prob has something similar.
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